Wealth Management

Asset protection and offshore business planning are specialized industries. Lawyers of unique skills advise clients on proper design and implementation of their wealth management structures. Why not expect the same from your investment advisor?

The Lighthouse Advantage: Asset Protection Planning

“Asset protection planning” describes an approach to protecting your assets from the reach of unanticipated creditors. There is no uniform approach to asset protection planning. Moreover, the structure used to protect one kind of asset may differ from that used to protect another type of asset.

Your professional advisor will tell you that asset protection cannot be used to defeat a known creditor or an established claim. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a “bulletproof” asset protection plan; every structure features its own strengths and weaknesses.

The team of wealth managers at Lighthouse Swiss Wealth Advisors AG works extensively with offshore trust and LLC service providers and their clients to meet a distinct set of planning objectives. Most asset protection planning clients seek to preserve wealth and simplify their financial picture. At Lighthouse, experienced personnel help clients set realistic goals and strive toward achieving the possible.

The wealth management team at Lighthouse offer a distinct level of insight into custodians and brokerage firms in a number of countries. Some of the jurisdictions in which Lighthouse manages client assets are known for their formidable asset protection laws. Qualified personnel also advise on investment strategies and products that complement asset protection planning objectives.


Wealth Management Values

The same principles that guide our sister companies as fiduciaries apply in our wealth management business:

  1. No single approach to wealth management planning is perfect; there is always a compromise between comfort and safety.  We seek the safest approach that meets your required level of comfort.
  2. No single wealth management solution applies to every structure; the solution applicable to an asset protection plan may differ greatly from the solution appropriate to a family office or international business plan.
  3. No single country offers a “one-stop-shopping” environment for both banking services and wealth management planning conducive to all planning objectives. A number of leading jurisdictions offer a mix of benefits and risks.  We help navigate these risks to procure a combination of benefits not available in any one country alone.
  • Wealth management need not be complex. At Lighthouse, our investment professionals work to ensure that you clearly understand the planning process and the services that we provide.Many times, clients have existing wealth management relationships in their home country. We prefer to collaborate with your existing legal and investment advisors to make certain that you clearly understand the range of planning solutions available to you.

  • There are important differences in international banking and investment account services. The Lighthouse approach seeks to familiarize you with the banks and brokerage firms that we work with as well as the processes by which we work with them.Lighthouse clients achieve superior service without compromising on financial credibility. Lighthouse Swiss Wealth Advisors AG is a regulated company headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. We offer wealth management services with a “Swiss finish.”

  • One of the most important decisions you can make in establishing an asset protection plan is the selection of an appropriate jurisdiction for your structure. Yet, even the best-designed plan cannot help if you do not have confidence in the integrity of the custodians holding your hard-earned wealth.
    Lighthouse assists in the evaluation of offshore banking and brokerage institutions, providing our experience and candid assessments to complement your own due diligence examination. Over the years, we have carefully cultivated a select list of preferred custodians, and we are prepared to discuss their relative merits. At the same time, we are independent of any bank or brokerage firm, and we welcome the suggestion of a custodian from any prospective client.



Our wealth management team hails from several of Europe’s leading financial institutions, including UBS, Credit Suisse, and Bank Julius Bär. Combined, our team possesses over eight decades of professional financial markets experience.


Lighthouse Swiss Wealth Advisors AG is an independent wealth management firm, with no proprietary ties to any custodian or wealth management firm outside of the Lighthouse Trust group of companies. The independence of our organization ensures that the management of our custodians are not beholden to us, nor are we to them.


Lighthouse Swiss Wealth Advisors AG is registered as an investment advisor with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in order to serve U.S. clients. In addition, LSWA is a member of VQF SRO, a self-regulating organization conducted under the auspices of the Swiss financial services regulator, FINMA. Individual directors of LSWA are also subject to regulation and inspection by PolyReg SRO, another self-regulating organization reporting to FINMA.