Congratulations to the SRIAA on Their Tenth Anniversary

Ten years ago, our colleagues at Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors Ltd. invited a handful of Swiss firms, including Lighthouse, to join in forming an association that would advocate for Swiss investment advisors who had registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to advise U.S. investors. A decade later, the Swiss Registered Investment Advisor Association has established itself as a valuable educator to investors, and a respected partner to banking institutions and regulators, bringing to light the important role served by its member firms.

We thank Benedikt Kaiser and his fellow board members for their leadership and perseverance in shepherding the SRIAA into the next decade. Over this time, the industry has witnessed many exciting technological innovations and tremendous regulatory changes. Through it all, the SRIAA has served as a steady beacon for its members and their clients seeking to learn more about wealth management services provided from Switzerland.

Congratulations to the SRIAA and our fellow members on a successful first decade!