Arguably the Most Formidable Jurisdiction
for Asset Protection Planning

Why Belize?

In 2000, Belize became the first country to enact a law specifically barring creditors from reaching assets of a trust registered in that country regardless of the circumstances. Whereas other jurisdictions permit creditors to reach trust assets under a variety of circumstances, Belize provides a unique degree of certainty to trust planning by refusing to entertain creditor claims against trust assets.

Cementing its reputation for innovation in asset protection planning, the Belize International Limited Liability Companies Act offers certain protections that rival the benefits of Belize trust law. From onerous creditor bond requirements to an outright prohibition on certain types of fraudulent transfer claims, Belize LLCs offer a distinct degree of certainty in planning.

  • Trustee Services
  • Company Formations:  IBCs and LLCs
  • Foundation Establishments
  • Bank Account Maintenance
  • Investment Fund Establishment and Maintenance