In the beginning

Lighthouse Swiss Trust was established in Switzerland in 2008 as part of a multinational trust company with roots dating back to 1982. While originally focused on helping offshore trust clients secure banking services in Switzerland, the company soon took on a fiduciary character to meet the needs of its clients.

In 2011, Lighthouse Trust opened a Belize office to provide trust and LLC services from one of the world’s most protective jurisdictions. Belize trust law does not permit a creditor to reach assets of a Belize trust for any reason whatsoever. Likewise, Belize LLC law offers perhaps the most formidable protection against creditors under LLC law anywhere in the world.

Lighthouse expanded into Nevis in 2012. Nevis has offered asset protection trust legislation since 1994, and LLC legislation since 1996. In 2015, members of the Lighthouse service team helped draft revisions to both Nevis’ trust and LLC laws, making them among the most resilient in the world for wealth preservation planning.

In service to our clients, we have expanded over the years to include trust and business entity services in a host of additional countries, including the Cayman Islands and the United Kingdom.  We also offer U.S.-based services for clients in the State of Wyoming.

In partnership with our sister firms Noble House and PAN21, Lighthouse offers business entity formation and local representation services in all 50 U.S. states and over 80 countries worldwide.


In 1988, only one country in the world offered asset protection trust legislation to provide certainty in wealth preservation planning. Today, similar legislation may be found in most offshore centers and 17 states in the USA.

Lighthouse Trust has earned a reputation globally for taking a proactive role in supporting the asset protection planning industry. Members of our service team are responsible for critical components of asset protection trust and LLC law in a number of leading jurisdictions. Legislators and judges regularly look to us for guidance on matters of legislative drafting and interpretation.

No other trust company in the world offers the depth of experience and understanding that Lighthouse Trust has in asset protection planning. Speak with us and you will learn that we are unique among trust companies for our commitment to the development of laws that protect our clients.


Clients of Lighthouse Trust enjoy privileged access to a wide array of services and support from four leading jurisdictions for wealth preservation and business planning.

TRUST SERVICES: Lighthouse Trust is pleased to offer fiduciary services for trust clients in five countries: Switzerland, Belize, Nevis, the Cayman Islands, and the USA (Wyoming). Asset protection trust legislation may be found in Belize, Nevis, the Cayman Islands, and the State of Wyoming.

BUSINESS ENTITY SERVICES: Lighthouse Trust offers company formation services in Switzerland, Belize, Nevis, the Cayman Islands, the United Kingdom, and the State of Wyoming. Switzerland offers a gateway to Europe and a low-tax, reputable jurisdiction for international business planning, complemented by perhaps the most stable banking system available anywhere. Belize, Nevis, and the Cayman Islands, by comparison, are tax haven jurisdictions where LLCs, in particular, enjoy asset protection benefits that rival trusts.  The United Kingdom is a classic jurisdiction for business entities.  The State of Wyoming, which originated the concept of the limited liability company, offers perhaps the most innovative business entity legislation to be found anywhere.

WEALTH MANAGEMENT: Our wealth management affiliate, Lighthouse Swiss Wealth Advisors AG, is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to provide investment advisory services to U.S. persons.


SWITZERLAND: Lighthouse Swiss Trust AG is licensed and regulated by FINMA, the Swiss financial services authority.

BELIZE: Lighthouse Trust Limited is licensed and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission in Belize and is one of the few trust companies licensed to handle both trust and company (including Belize LLC) representation.

NEVIS: Lighthouse Trust Nevis Limited is licensed by the Nevis Financial Services Regulatory Commission to provide trust and company representation.