Hong Kong

The Chinese Hub for Commerce

Unique among cities known for global commerce, Hong Kong is a Chinese city featuring the traditions and business climate of a former British Colony. As a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, Hong Kong has its own laws and traditional English-based legal system. In addition to Chinese, English is an official language.

Hong Kong for Companies

Hong Kong does not offer distinctive legislation for offshore companies. However, Hong Kong’s source-based system of taxation means that companies do not pay tax on income from sources outside of Hong Kong. Also, there are no capital gains taxes, and no withholding on interest, dividends, or royalties.

Hong Kong for Banking

Hong Kong’s leadership in global commerce is rivaled by its high concentration of bank service providers. Hong Kong offers a three-tier system of deposit-taking financial institutions. In addition, Hong Kong offers a legal climate that is independent and predictable for those seeking to preserve wealth.

  • Trustee Services
  • Company Formations
  • Management Services
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Bank Account Maintenance